ECG for All by Dr. Digambar Naik

ECG for All

ECG is the electrical activity in a living heart. The heart has a battery called pacemaker, and it has the wiring system like the electrical wiring of the house called the conduction system. Whenever there is a problem in the heart, the ECG can show changes. Looking at these a doctor can find out what is wrong with your heart. So also there could be problems with the battery as well as the cond...

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Good Food / Bad Food by Dr. Digambar Naik

Good Food / Bad Food

By the time you are 50 or 60 years old, we start falling sick. We all want to eat good food and we know, we are what we eat. The food we consume today becomes a part of our body tomorrow. It is therefore extremely important that we segregate good food from bad food. Once we have segregated these foods into two groups, it is obvious that we will eat more from the good group and less from the bad...

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Firecrackers - Too much Damage for temporary pleasure by Dr. Digambar Naik.

Firecrackers - Too much Damage for temporary pleasure

Yes, every occasion in our life should be enjoyed and made into a joyous celebration. Yes life needs to be celebrated. In olden days we did use firecrackers to a limited extent and it actually helped us clean the environment by killing mosquitoes and other insects which caused us harm.Today this innocent celebration has reached enormous proportion. At the end of the day you can practically see ...

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