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Gastroenterology Surgery

The division of Gastroenterology Surgery provides state of the art care in diseases of the liver, gall bladder, pancreas and bowel surgery and has close interaction with the department of medical Gastroenterology

Services Provided

  • Liver resection surgeries for benign and malignant tumours
  • Ablative therapy for liver tumours: alcohol injection, chemoembolisation, radiofrequency ablation
  • Surgery for gallbladder and bile duct cancer, biliary strictures, gallstone disease
  • Surgery for pancreatic cancer, chronic pancreatitis
  • Management of acute pancreatitis
  • Portal hypertension surgery: Shunt surgery and devascularisation procedures
  • Surgery for benign and malignant bowel pathologies
  • Laparoscopic surgery including diagnostic and staging laparoscopies, laparoscopic cholecystectomy and advanced procedures such as biliary calculus surgery, laparoscopic liver resection, laparoscopy assisted bowel resection etc
  • Liver Transplant Program
  • Special equipment: CUSA, Harmonic scalpel, Argon beam coagulator, Advanced laparoscopic surgical equipment, availability of RITA for radiofrequency ablation.

Helpful Contact Numbers
  • Telephone: 672 8888

  • Information desk & appointment Ext.No.:440
  • Health check reception & registration Ext.No.:448
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